Here are some links to a few useful sites that will help you get started …

CoinBase – CoinBase is a simple to use bitcoin wallet. Its clean design and easy to understand layout give it a feel similar to PayPal. It has both a web-based platform as well as a smartphone-based app. I highly recommend CoinBase. CLICK HERE to create a free bitcoin wallet

CoinMama – CoinMama lets you purchase bitcoin or ether with a credit card. CLICK HERE to buy bitcoin via CoinMama

Binance – Binance is a trading site that allows you to buy, sell, and trade between various cryptocurrencies. Fast real-time values and data. CLICK HERE to sign up for Binance

Moon Bitcoin – Moon bitcoin is a bitcoin faucet. If you want a place to obtain some free bitcoin this is a good place to start. Basically, you keep this page open in your browser and as time ticks on you earn satoshi. Then when you’re ready to cash out, click CLAIM button and it’s transferred to the wallet you’ve linked to your account. I find with this site it’s most fruitful to cash out around 20 satoshi and then let the clock start again. CLICK HERE to go to Moon Bitcoin

** There’s also Moon sites for Lite Coin and Dash Coin

CLICK HERE to go to Moon Litecoin

CLICK HERE to go to Moon Dashcoin

BitFun – BitFun is another faucet, I feel the payout is a little higher for the same amount of time as Moon BitCoin, but why not just keep them both open! This one also has fun games you can play while you wait, hence the name. CLICK HERE to go to BitFun

Bonus Bitcoin – Bonus bitcoin is another bitcoin faucet also linked to CoinPot. Click here to go to Bonus Bitcoin

Lake BTC – Lake BTC is another site where you can purchase and trade bitcoin. CLICK HERE to purchase bitcoin via Lake BTC

Faucet Apps – Here’s a link to a few faucet app for your smartphone, earn free bitcoin just by playing some basic games on your phone. CLICK HERE to download the apps

CryptoVPN – CryptoVPN is a Virtual Private Network service that gives you an added layer of security while connecting to the internet. It’s great to have in general, but also helpful for when you want to protect your data that’s going out to the interwebs containing your bitcoin info. CLICK HERE to sign up for CryptoVPN